May 23, 2017

Advertising and Marketing : A marriage between Art and Science

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In today’s dynamic scenario, where geographical distances have lost their significance and all of us mutually connected in the new world, a virtual world, known as cyber space.

No one lives in this space physically but our collective mind does. It has become irrelevant to see and touch the individuals in this world. But to feel and know people, one just needs to create a thread in this fictitious yet so real world.

Every one of us has two identities now. One belongs to real world and another to virtual. To market a product in such a complex environment, it becomes important to understand behavioral aspect of potential consumers in both the world.

An artistic approach towards marketing a product may get good reviews and appreciation for the product but may not really turn the tide in regard to selling. We must understand that marketing a product must have the certain statistical analysis, if it has to succeed and meet target objective in both the world.

Before designing the marketing strategy, certain parameters have to be taken into account without fail.

  • Demographics (the statistical characteristics of human populations as age or income)
  • Culture and Beliefs
  • General Habits of the people
  • Environmental Condition (No one will buy Ice Cream in Antarctica, if there is population)

Based on above study, your creative needs to be executed with right blend of the art, clearly reflecting their culture in music, language, poetry and emotions. It should also be considered that why it has to work on internet and why in newspaper, in TV or Radio.

Based on this, strategies needs to be put in place and put into practice to cater both the worlds.

Even a single right word would bring cheers to many and a wrong expression can put everything on fire.

No one can predict the marketing effort precisely in terms of ROI but probable outcomes can certainly be forecasted.

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