May 23, 2017

Advertising is nothing but mass communication at its best in terms of creativity

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Advertising is defined or understood as medium to create awareness about the product or services offered by an organization. Irrespective of medium (Digital, Print, Outdoor etc.), advertiser has a tendency to overdo the message so to imprint the brand name. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn’t.

But there could be another way to looking at advertising, which is not only helpful in terms of strategy and planning but also allowing us to be more creative and ensuring that we really get desired results not leaving anything to chance.

This change needs to be done at the thinking level first and then ultimately reflecting the same in execution as well.

Advertising is a tool to talk to many people simultaneously and theoretically can be defined as mass communication. In this approach, people are listening or creative ad is talking.

It is exactly like class room kind of situation at far more bigger scale. If particular subjects interest significant amount of student, it is primarily because of teacher’s methodology, who is handling the subject for these students.

His presentation, clarity of approach, methodology and demeanour defines his effectives and directly proportional to students performance in his subject.

An advertising campaign would deliver the best result if below mentioned are perfectly taken care.

1. A clear understanding of the psyche of target masses. Common habits, interest, adaptability to change, current mindset
2. Find out, what drives and move them more emotionally.
3. Is your product capable to establish personal connect? If yes then why, if no then how can it?

It is important to be creative to avoid the monotony of approach. But it is also important not to overdo anything, which leaves negative impacts.

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