May 23, 2017

Branding, A Thoughtful, Planned And Diligent Journey

written by admin

Branding is not destination but a journey.

Nothing happens instantly and takes time. Everything in this infinite cosmos starts with a seed and slowly grows to turn into giant.

In professional world also, these natural laws applies.

Branding is more of responsibility, credibility and maturity. Higher visibility is the reward of branding and not the prime motive itself.

Entire world follows and impart faith in branded product or service considering that exceptional qualities of product/service will add tremendous values in their life. People are willing to pay more to get this extra mile of comfort and ingenuity.

It certainly takes many years of thinking and execution to evolve to ascertain, what is right and what is not so right. To understand your own broader vision, it needs many sleepless nights even to decide the right direction and also failing many times before getting a hit.

Once you reach and turn into brand then you are no more an object (product/service) or person but a phenomena. You are an idea of new benchmark, new horizon and new possibilities.

Even a single right word would bring cheers to many and a wrong expression can put everything on fire.

Maggi, a two minutes of noodle phenomena, paved the way for new kind of snacks in Indian market and created multi millions dollar industry, is now struggling to win people’s faith again in their once most respected and loved brand. Hard and sincere efforts of many years have crashed like a pile of cards.

Branding is a success of your strategy and you need to have bigger perspective to handle such a big success.

In nutshell, you need a very strong character to be a brand. Not even a bit less would do.

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