May 23, 2017


written by admin

Production of marketing content — video in particular — focuses on packaging messages efficiently. How often does anyone ask, “How do you think the person who looks at this content will feel about it?” The idea of empathy in marketing is that people warm to a message that addresses hopes, fears, and other feelings we all have. For example, if yours is a complex sale, focusing on the risks perceived by your customer. That’s a fruitful idea. We need to address multiple kinds of risk-averseness to help encourage consensus.

How to add empathy to technology marketing videos?
In terms of video, empathy doesn’t necessarily mean trying to take hopes and fears into account. “The best marketing feels like helping.” Customers aren’t looking for solutions. They’re trying to solve problems. How do you help a customer who clicked on your marketing video? You use visuals that help the customer see your point clearly. You try to imagine how the viewer is now going about solving whatever problem your solution fits. What does she want to know, and in what order should you present your answers. In a short video, your objective is to get the viewer to seek out more information. If you can identify the next logical destination in the buyer’s information-gathering journey, your video can do a good job guiding the customer there. Knowing the customer is pressed for time, you should also consider creating a series of short videos that answer specific questions, rather than long, wide-ranging videos that cover the subject in full. We can also repurpose videos by editing them into short segments or “chapterizing” them with clickable overlays. Just imagine yourself as the smart person on the receiving end of your video, you’re sure to raise the empathy level.