May 23, 2017

Driving Brand Awareness and Interest

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Video is a powerful storytelling medium: Not only can it serve as a prime proving ground for your business’ promotional campaigns, influential ideas, and experimental content efforts, video’s emotionally resonant combination of sound, motion, and visuals can also help you drive deeper, more satisfying relationships between your brand and its audience.

Videos are among the most versatile tactics content marketers can leverage. For starters, they can be cooked up, loaded up, cut up, and served up in a wide variety of ways. Of course, video may not always be the ideal format for your content. There are times when your audience might prefer to read a brief article rather than watch a video since it’s faster and does not require as much of their attention.

Driving brand awareness and interest: Through video, you can offer a unique, entertaining, or immersive experience that helps viewers forge a positive, memorable association with your brand and what it stands for.

Some ideas: Raise awareness of important social or community issues by creating a short film on the subject. Treat your audience to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a popular industry event or other relevant activity that few people might get to experience in person. Leverage interactive features and technologies to your videos to enable viewers to participate in the story as it unfolds.

Video can convey an appropriate emotional tone in a way that text alone can’t manage. This makes it an excellent platform for educating viewers on the issues important to your business and positioning your brand as a credible, trustworthy source of vital information.

Host a video roundtable discussion to debate and discuss popular topics of interest from multiple points of view. Create a video case study that demonstrates your company’s expertise and/or the unique role your products play in an area of interest that your audience might share. Film your response to a sensitive public relations issue or controversial event to show the values your brand stands for.

Beyond brand-building benefits, video is ideal for topic tutorials, product demos, process guides, and other practical resources that help you live up to the promises of value and service your brand makes to its prospects and customers. Simplify a complex process with a detailed explainer video that walks viewers through all the steps. Create a how-to video to demonstrate a hack for a more complicated solution. Compare and contrast products or solutions with a thorough review of their key features and functionalities. It takes a lot of work to position video as the high-performing centerpiece of a successful content marketing strategy. But with the right plan, a little creativity, and some smart decision-making, just about any business can benefit from its powerful potential to tell engaging stories and inspire audiences to take action.

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