May 3, 2017

New Perspective of Advertising and Marketing

written by admin

Thanks to new and virtual world created by powerful internet phenomena, an entirely new generation of population has emerged. This new population is truly global in sense and beyond any political and geographical boundary and ready to explore new ways of interactions. Internet has helped people to maintain another kind of identity in virtual world, which could be completely different from physical identity.

Due to creation of virtual world, business houses are definitely in need to change their approach to market their products and services. Traditional approach of advertising is slowly losing its effectiveness and not promising optimum ROI  in terms of increased sales.

Because everybody is connected to internet so it has become very easy to approach target audience by mere click on mouse button and let technology do the rest. What you need is a solid marketing strategy so to leverage the maximum potential of internet marketing.

Though BFSI, FMCG, Real Estate, Retails have already adopted new ways of marketing their product and services on internet and making good progress. However, I have personally observed that manufacturing sector is not so aggressive in adopting this new ways.

Probably, these companies might not have fully realized the full potential of internet, which can not only help them to connect the international audience but also help these companies to open up new possibilities to increase business across the borders.

According to me, I think, major reason for this not so aggressive momentum is the well established process followed for years and not much of willingness to disturb those. Another major reason could be that internet is far more effective in B2C marketing than B2B, wherein manufacturing sector mostly deals in B2B kind of model so there is less need for change.

But it may not really be case forever as even B2B model is maturing and helping business houses to generate more revenues.

It is none less than the suicide if this virtual world is ignored and left out at the mercy of convenience. Internet has already established itself as a very important part of human life

You can love it or you can hate it but you certainly can not ignore it.

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